Introduction to Business Continuity

The course provides an introduction the fundamental concepts of business continuity.

After on overview on the most common causes of disruption for organizations and the impact categories an interruption could lead to, the course will discuss how business continuity is integrated in the broader context of organizational resilience.

The core of the course will focus on the 6 professional phases of the business continuity management lifecycle. 

Firstly, it will cover the importance of the Business Continuity Policy and top management's support, along with the integration of its principles in the organizational culture. 
Next, it will discuss the Analysis phase, thanks to which an organization can establish its recovery priorities. Consequenty, the course moves on to discuss the definition of the business continuity strategies and plans.

Finally, the course will cover the validation of a Business Continuity Management System and its relationship with supply chain management.

Throughout the course, the user will be asked to interact and answer the quizzes proposed on the topics presented, offering a dynamic and engaging experience.