Introduction to Cyber Security

How much do you know about Cyber Security?

Our e-learning course will present you the fundamentals of
Cyber Security.

The course serves as an introduction to Cyber Security. It
will provide basic understanding of key concepts to first-time approaches to
Cyber Security.

After an overview of the most common typologies of cyber
attaks and some of the most famous case studies related to the topic, the
course will discuss the main conceptual pillars of Cyber Security (framework, cyber
risk management, cyber controls and cybercrime) as well as its relationship
with Information security, a discipline with which it is often confused.

This will make up the bulk of the learning experience. It
will feature the importance of top management's active support and governance,
the crucial role of on-topic organizational awareness and training, as well as
what goes into risk analyses and related concepts.

Lastly, the course will also focus on possible solutions and
countermeasures to ensure that organizations can protect themselves from Cyber
Security threats.

PANTA RAY's e-learning courses are always built to feature
dynamic interaction between material and student. As such, throughout the course,
the user will be prompted answer quizzes on presented topics. Our objective, as
always, is to engage to learn.